• Case 1: May 2009-Distant Reiki given to Ruby, the Pomeranian - read more...

Testimonial 1
  • Case2: November 2009-My friend’s Golden Retriever was suffering from heart problem, spleen problem and lack of energy. read more...

We started the ‘Distant Reiki’ therapy the pet. On the 4th day, my friend and her family members found a positive change in the dog, she ate well, seemed more energetic with over all a remarkable change in the pet. They continued the therapy for 21 days.

  • Case 3: February 2010- A gentleman from Delhi read the Life Positive Reiki article. His dog was suffering from digestion problems, depression and stiff neck. read more...

‘Distant Reiki’ therapy was given to his dog for 21 days.

  • Case 4: February 2010- A lady residing at Dadar approached me for the treatment of her son after reading my article on Reiki in ‘Life Positive’ magazine. She had learnt ‘Reiki’ but did not have time to treat him. read more...

Her 9 yr-old son was suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder and had difficulties with his speech.
We started the Distant Reiki treatment for him and within 10 days she found that 1) He sat in one place for longer periods and could concentrate better; 2) His hyperactivity had reduced; 3) He slept for longer time. Happy with the changes after just 10 days, she continued his Reiki therapy for another 2 months.
He has since then been attending his speech-therapy classes and is doing well.

  • Case 5: February 2010- A lady (herself a Reiki practitioner), was suffering from slipped disc. She called me after reading the Reiki article in Life Positive magazine. read more...

21- days ‘Hands On’ Reiki therapy was given to her along with medical treatment and physiotherapy.
She could avoid surgery for her slipped-disc and is now living her routine life.

  • Case 6: September 2010- This was a gentleman from Australia, suffering from Parkinson’s disease for almost 10yrs.He also had episodes of hallucinations. read more...

Distant Reiki therapy was given to him. In about a week’s time, his wife observed that he eat well, had less episodes of hallucinations, slept much better and was more attentive and active.
The treatment continued for 21 days. Due to reasons unkown to me, they discontinued the treatment.
The gentleman passed away in 2011.

  • Case 7: September 2010- Another Gentleman from Australia, Mr.Otto. Please see the testimony written by him. read more...

Testimonial 2
  • Case 8: October 2010- After the changes seen in the family pet in case 1, my friend’s mom thought that Reiki might help her. She was emotionally upset due to various issues in the family. read more...

After 3rd day of starting the ‘Distant Reiki’ therapy for her, she found that she could cope with the issues at home or work in much better way. She felt more at peace, less agitated. She was more energetic, slept well. She continued the treatment for 21days.

  • Case 9: When I was at a veterinary doctor’s clinic in Mumbai, a gentleman visited the vet’s clinic with his 9 month-old cat who was pregnant and her pre-matured dead kitten. The cat was in intense pain and restless due to the fall she had earlier in the day. read more...

With the doctor’s permission, ‘Hands on’ Reiki was administered to the cat. Within 20 mins of the Reiki therapy, the cat had calmed down and was in considerable less pain. The doctor and the cat’s owner both saw the effect of ‘Reiki’ on her.

  • Case 10: A gentleman from Mumbai got his very sick Nepolitan Mastiff dog from Karjat. read more...

The pet was in immense pain and the family had taken the decision to put the dog to sleep on the doctor’s advice. The family did not want the pet to suffer before the vet’s clinic opened at 10.00am, so they called me to give Reiki to the pet to make him comfortable for those few hours before he could be taken to the vet.
The owner observed that the dog felt much better and was calmer after the ‘hands-on’ Reiki therapy. Unfortunately, it was too late to save him.
After this experience, he has recommended Reiki therapy for pets to his friends and relatives.

  • Case 11: Jan 2012- This 56 yr-old lady is suffering from ulcers on her left foot. She has been taking medical treatment for this problem since the last year and a half with no improvement in her condition even after surgery. She also suffers from loss of appetite, low heamoglobin levels and depression. A Doppler test showed blockage in the artery supplying blood to the foot. read more...

‘Distant Reiki’ therapy was given from 20th Jan 2012. On the 4th day of the treatment she observed that -1) The blackish substance oozing out from the ulcer almost stopped; 2) The quantity of puss formation had reduced; 3) Her appetite had improved; 4) She felt less depressed; She continued the Reiki Therapy for 30 days which resulted in:
1) complete stoppage of the blackish water from the ulcer;
2) the puss levels have gone down considerably;
3) now blood has reached the ulcer; 4) she feels much happier and optimistic.
After experiencing the effect of ‘Reiki Therapy’, she is getting attuned for learning Reiki so that she can treat herself and her family members in the future.

Pet-sitting -

Sandy is a rescued stray adopted by this family. Sandy is a fearful dog, extremely scared of strangers, refusing food if not with her familiar people.

Pet-sitting was done for 7 days by me and this is what the owner had to say when they returned-“Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful job you’ve done. We were thrilled to see Sandy so happy. Cheers .Shanaya”.

Sandy bonded with me really nicely. She ate well, did her routine things and also let me touch her toys and played with me.

The other people who have experienced our pet-sitting services are also happy and keep calling us and booking our dates 6-8 months in advance.