I have done a certificate course as a dog-trainer with Ms.Shirin Merchant of Canines Can Care at Dadar.


Mr.Bhavesh Bhagat and Mr.Kanwaljit Singh helped in further improving my skills as a dog-trainer. I worked with Mr.Kanwaljit Singh as an assistant for 6 months.

Basic obedience training for dogs can begin when the pup is as young as 6 weeks old. Dogs love to please their owners but don’t know how. It is advisable to use positive rewarding methods to train your lovely pup. One need not wait till all the vaccinations are over. Every dog has a unique nature and training needs to be done accordingly.


Basic obedience training commands like recall, sit, come, down, stay, heel, no, leave-it, wait, are very important for your pet’s safety.


Pre-pet consultation


Many people are tempted to have pets; but are not aware of the responsibilities and the care that is essential with this new addition to the family. It helps if one is aware of the time, efforts, money and space needed to be a responsible, happy pet-parent of a well-cared, happy pet.


Assuming that the pet is going to be with you for at least 10-14 yrs (depends on the pet though), things need to be really planned well, before getting a pet.


I will be happy to guide people to select a pet suiting to their life-style, space and time constraint so as to avoid situations of frustration to the family and to the pet.


This will help in reducing the number of abandoned pets on the streets, fewer traumas to the pet, less guilt to the pet-owner who has to abandon the pet due to some reason.




The main problem pet-owner face is ‘Where to leave their pet’ when they have to go out for long periods, either for work or holidays.


I offer reliable pet-sitting services-

A pre-visit is done to get to know the pet and its owners and to determine the comfort level between the pet, pet-owners and ourself.

  1) I will stay at the pet-owner's home, when they are travelling
    This has major advantages –


The pet gets to stay in its familiar surroundings, hence is not traumatized due to change in surroundings, food and water.



Saves the pet-owners the trouble to look out for a good, reliable pet-housing facility and transportation of the pet to and from the facility, saving the pet-owner's time and money and preventing the pet from unwanted hassle.



If need be, the pet can be taken to its familiar vet who knows its health issues. This helps the pet-parents to travel without worrying too much about their pet.

    d) The other people who have experienced my pet-sitting services are also happy and keep calling me and booking the dates 6-8 months in advance.

Regular updates are given to pet-owners via sms/ call to assure the pet-owner of the safety of their pet and the home.


May be the house-help can do the pet feeding and walking, but at times where one needs to administer the proper medication, or a decision to call a vet is to be taken, it is advisable to have someone well-educated around the pet, rather than at the house-help who will follow the instructions, but may lack the ability to take important decisions regarding the pet.


An additional advantage is that, the house does not remain locked and hence does not attract unwanted attention.



Pet drop-ins: In cases where the pet does not need 24hrs attention, I can drop-in once [or twice depending on the location from my home in Andheri(E)] a day, to keep fresh food and water for the pet, take it for a walk, clean the litter tray and in general keep a watch on the pet.


These services are also available on hourly basis for a few hours a day, if the family needs to be away from the house for functions, parties, get-togethers etc.


Reiki Therapy for Pets

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Reiki Therapy for People

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6. Choosing Cruelty-free products-
  For more information on how a certain product is tested on animals, please do a google search for ‘ Animal testing of ( name of product you want to know about eg shampoo, toothpaste, hair dyes, soaps, cosmetics, etc)- the videos are really heart-breaking.
May I request all animal lovers to please select products marked with the logos shown below.