Reiki for People

Initially, I was reluctant to believe in Reiki as a ‘Hands-on’ and ‘Distant therapy’. To my scientific mind it just did not seem possible to treat anyone with this kind of therapy. I approached my Reiki teacher Mrs.Shubhangi Kadganche with all my queries about Reiki, curiosity and an open mind.

She answered all my questions and doubts about Reiki; following which I was attuned for Reiki. Having experienced ‘Reiki’, I went on to complete levels 3A and 3B under her capable guidance.

Learning about Reiki has helped me to “Discover myself”.

Since 2007, my belief in Reiki Therapy grew stronger after treating myself, my friends, relatives, even their pets.

I also treated the stray cats and dogs in my locality with Reiki therapy and found that it benefited animals tremendously. Animals and people just love this soothing, loving, relaxing energy.

I am now pleased to inform that I am eligible to attune people for Reiki. Anyone interested in learning Reiki, please feel free to write to me on or call +91-9969741773.