Welcome to Therapetics!

'Therapetics' is an initiative taken by Varsha Kulkarni- Reiki Master /Teacher and Certified Dog Trainer from Mumbai, India.

The objective of starting ‘Therapetics’ is to provide:

  1.  Pet owners and pets with various services like pet-sitting, pet-drop-in

  2.  Pre-pet consultancy

  3.  Dog-training

  4.  Reiki therapy for pets

  5. • Reiki therapy for people

  6.  Helping people to choose cruelty-free products

For those new to Reiki, this website aims to provide you with complete information about Reiki, the way the therapy is conducted, what to expect during and post treatment.

For details about each service mentioned above, please see ‘Services’.

Seven Chakras

Benefits of Reiki Therapy

• Reduces stress

• Promotes natural self-healing

• Relaxes body/mind

• Relieves pain

• Clears toxins

• Balances the energies in the body

• Strengthens the immune system

• Treats the root cause of illness

• Releases blocked and suppressed feelings